When you love someone so much but can't do anything because there with someone so you decide to give up @ keep moving on Even though I still love him?

Do you think I should let him go?


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  • It's your choice. You could roll the dice and hope that the relationship he's in ends for some reason (possible) not related to anything you do (cause you don't want to meddle in it, trust me), or you could move on. All things being equal - I'd move on. Why wait on something that may or may not come to pass? Someone else is looking for you this very moment, whether or not they realize it.

    • Thank you and yeah I get what you mean completely I've moved on and everything but just hard to forget him though

Most Helpful Girl

  • Tbh if he felt the same way about you he would be with you. The only
    Person this is hurting is you. You need to let go. Maybe one day in the future if You two meet up again there might be a chance but for now no. You need to be happy not waiting around on some dude.


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  • Let him go, what you're gonna do is get involved with someone else and he'll probably get screwed over by you


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  • Yes you should let him go. Take care of your life and somebody better will come along.

  • i wish i could help you with that but i m actually in the same situation. I ve honestly loved a guy for 4 years and yesterday i discover he s with someone else. it s really devestating

    • Well I already know he's been with someone else it hurts a lot I'm just feel like giving up but my heart still loves him

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    • Otay Thanks girl

    • you re welcome hun