Why would she do this?

Me and my girlfriend broke up and i told her that i didn't know if i could be friends with her cuz it would be hard, and she was saying how she still loves me to death and wants me in her life. Then she blocked me... wtf? Why would she block me if she was the one trying to convince ME not to shut HER out? Like is she trying to just make it easier to forget about me or something I don't know.


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  • It's already hard for her that you said you didn't know if you could even be friends, from my past experience blocking may be the only way she could just distance herself from you so the heartache isn't anymore harder than it is for her.


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  • you did the right thing, never be friends with someone when they end it with you. Do not react to her blocking you she will fell silly for it later.. for now all you can do is go no contact for 30 days... focus on yourself take your mind off things and DO NOT contact her for any reason. Trust me this works tried and tested.

    • Yea thats why i said no. I figured the only reason she wanted to stay friends was so she could make the break up easier on herself. I wasn't going to let her think she could break up with me and then still have me around to talk and support her. You have personal experience doing that?

    • yep, my ex pulled the same shit. Did no contact she started messaging me again (on day 29), led me to believe she wanted to try again and then changed her mind - did this twice over six months whilst probably sleeping with lots of other people. You need to look after number 1, go no contact if she contacts you just tell her you need time away in order to move on. This will make her panic and you will regain power.. you must do the full 30 days and in that time really self heal and focus on whether its actually what you want or not. Let me know how it goes!

    • I messaged her one last time basically giving her the impression that i think the break up was a good idea and that i was cool with it. Now ill start no contact. I figured it would be even more effective if she thinks im already moving on during the no contact that way she won't think im like just waiting for her to come back, and shel know im just gonna do my own thing. If she contacts me i won't give her any sign she could easily have me back


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  • i guess she's chose to block you as an "easy" way to cut you from her life

    • Then why wouldn't she do that from the beggining instead of trying to be friends which only makes it harder? We broke up once before and the first time we hung out as "friends" we had sex and got right back together.

    • Maybe she wanted to keep the possibility of us getting back together by being "friends" so when i shut that down she had to block me I don't know

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  • She wanted to keep the power. She needed to be the one to cut contact with you. You said that you were unsure that you could stay friends so she cut contact.