Why would my ex "demand" I get a new girlfriend three months after breakup?

This is three months after LTR, we still have sex occasionally, and still talk daily. But she doesn't want to reconcile.


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  • She probably wants to move on already and feels guilty that you're not at the same pace as her.

    • She may have already, but I used to abuse her new guys, she bailed out of a 17-year LTR without warning, and she was just gone, but we've had sex, last weekend in fact, but she said yesterday she can't come back until I've "moved on"?

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    • As in staying in contact, hoping she changes her mind while she's in a new relationship. She probably feels secure with you, which is why she still sleeps with you.

    • Ahh... I see. I don't know that she's involved, just a theory.

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  • Maybe she just wants a justification for finding a new boyfriend.

    • I think she may already have? She's just hiding him because:

      I used to be that guy that would beat up her new boyfriends.

      Or, she left a 17-year LTR with little to no warning, maybe she's had him all along and wants to "hide" him until I'm busy so she doesn't look like a tramp?

      She said also that she couldn't come back until I had "moved on"?

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    • Yep, she's weird :P

    • Yeah. What a mess.