Why do break ups hurts so bad?

I did the dumping but because he was seeing other people. I'm just so sad. I really liked him and still do.

I just have a lot of anxiety right now. I just wanted him to commit to me and me only. Our thing that we had was fun and I was always excited to see him.
I just feel depressed and have this emotional distress over me. I also feel like my self-esteem went out the window and now I don't have having him to hang out with on the weekends to look forward to. I just want him to want me and me only. I guess this is better that it ended now than later for my life and emotional health. I just feel sad and disappointed.


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  • They just do. Its just the emotion of losing something. Good thing is we get over and are back on the hunt again.


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  • You can't depend on a guy to make you happy or to build yourself esteem up. You won't ever be happy that way. Loving yourself starts from within. Don't depend on guys to help bring your confidence up. I know it hurts right now I've been there. My last relationship which was my first was 5 years but I depended on him to make me happy and to bring my confidence up but suddenly we just fell out of love. I understand how you feel though its nice to have someone be there for you and someone to accompany you. But it is also good to have a life outside of your relationship. Find a new hobby that you enjoy and hang out with your friends.

    • Thanks for your reply. I feel like being rejected hurt my ego a little and made me feel inaccurate about how I judged a situation. I thought I was vibing with this guy on good chemistry but obviously not enough for him to want to make me want to stay with him. I just thought he liked our time together and it meant more. I guess my feelings were different from his


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  • it hurts cause you still like him.

  • That's normal. You liked him, he hurt you and you miss the good times.


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