Ex-boyfriend (who cheated on me) wants closure?

Basically he cheated on me with a few girls and when I asked about it he lied but I was still friends with him and talked everyday. But last month we had a fight cos I wanted to be friends but he wanted me to be his girlfriend again but I said no then he said no point of talking to me cos I didn't want to be his girlfriend so he stopped texting for a few days so I had enough of him and I stop texting him and blocked him on everything for almost a month and then he had his friend texting me that he's sorry but I ignored him and today he has his friend texted me again that he's upset and need closure.

He cheated on me and other girls who he talked with and lied about it

What should I do? I don't ever want to talk to him ever again.


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  • You learned your lesson. You cannot be friends with an ex and anyone that says "let's be friends" is a stupid fucking idiot. Stop all forms of communication and cut him completely and permanently out of your life. Block him on everything

    • Yes I blocked him on everything, thank you!

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  • "I don't ever want to talk to him ever again." - you

    It seems like you already know exactly what to do. :)

    • And besides, WTF does he need closure for? He cheated on you, is he somehow surprised you don't want to talk to him? Don't even give him the courtesy of a text.

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    • Yes! Thank you sooo much!!

    • No problem. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself! :)


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  • He needs closure? Lol. Best to just ignore him and find a way to move on.

  • Just say he cheated, you can't change that and you've moved on now and it's over.

    • Thank you for answering!

What Girls Said 2

  • Ignore him and his friends. He doesn't deserve closure. He doesn't even deserve your friendship

  • He wants closure but he cheated on you. That makes no sense what so ever. Don't try to be friends with ex. It didn't work as a relationship it will not work as a friendship. If I were you I would delete on contact with him. Do not contact him whatsoever delete his number and block him off of any social media. Just focus on yourself and keep yourself busy as much possible. Act like he does not exist.