What can I do if neither my mom or dad want me? :'(?


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  • I feel what you're going through, but the best thing you can do for yourself is... be patient and start ignoring about them, start developing yourself with education to get rid of that situation.
    you already live in a house (whether you're with your mother or your father)... take advantage of the situation, and start making you way out with appropriate education or vocational courses to be able to spend on yourself when you go out to university or another place far away from them to become independent.
    can you do that?

    I understand that you have no one to live with, otherwise you wouldn't have asked that question.

    If there's something you would like to share with us... please feel free to fill this page, I'm sure we'll give you useful tips to successfully pass safe from that situation.



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  • it's probably just a phase girly 😊 I used to feel like that too
    do you have a good relationship with your grandparents (or other relatives)? my grandma and my great aunt used to spoil me so when I felt bad I went to their houses, maybe that could help you see things clearer too


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  • Any other relatives that will look after you?

  • What do you mean? Can you elaborate?

    • my mom told me she Hates me..
      I called my dad and ask if I can go live with him and he said no he doesn't. want me

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    • I told my friend and she said I can live with her but my mom doesn't let me

    • :( Well, do as I told you. Inmerse yourself in an activity, cultivate yourself and no matter what, always alway feel love. Love towards yourself and find something that makes you happy, and love your friends. You will be okay. Please Please don't let this feelings of helplesness become resentment or hate. Become better than they are. Study hard. Excercise. Make friends and don't let what they say make an impact. This will be in the past before you know it.

  • Just try to be happy with yourself :s I know how you feel

  • Steel their car. I'm not joking. I felt like this when I was 13 and and I stole my moms truck, almost got a felony and then things got better. You might be grounded but it'll give you a chance to spend more time with them.🤷‍♀️ just a thought