Do I wait for him or move on?

Me and this guy were dating for 6 months and he ended it with me because he was to busy with sports, family, friends and school. He said its hard to balance everything at once and it was really hard to make time for me all the time. I mean I wasn't head over heals for him and would always wanna be with him. I'd get sad whenever he canceled plans. I got really sad towards the end of our relationship cause I have really bad anxiety and would over think everything. So I'd always get sad cause the little things he did. When we broke up I didn't go asking for him back. I was doing good and he still kept in touch with me. He came over a couple times after the break up and we'd hangout and we had sex usually. Then he came over after school and I asked him what his intentions were. He said he was always grumpy since we broke up because I've been having fun with my friends and a bunch of guys started coming onto me. He said after junior year our relationship would be much easier to handle. Also that if our relationship was anything like last time it won't work. Now he doesn't even try to talk in school or even hangout. The only time we really talk is at the gym and he like snaps and texts me. He even double texts me when I leave him on read. His actions just don't add up. So I'm am just really confused if he still wants me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • well for your first question, you should move on. This guy obviously doesn't know what he wants and is just dragging you along. He might still want you, but why should you be OK with might. His actions should be 100% twords being with you, if not the. he doesn't really want you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Move on, do not wait for him. Its absolutely unfair to you to wait for someone who does not want you. I personally believe being "too busy" is a totally bs excuse, this just means they are not interested in you. People in life will never stop being "too busy" and a lot of people are extremely busy, but find time for the people they truly care about. Go nc and do not give him sex, otherwise he will use you.