Am I losing him? And just wondering, how would you rather someone break up with you?

Question 1

How would you rather someone break up with you? through text, on the phone, in person, through video chat, etc.

Question 2

This boy and I have been going out for almost 3 months now. In the beginning everything seemed perfect. For the last month though he never called me beautiful anymore (even though I never changed my look) or smart, or gave compliments. and now for the past week it seems like he is going to break up with me. At lunch he no longer just looks at me and will just talk to me, no he talks to all my friends the whole lunch, he doesn't always hold my hand under the table anymore, and it seems like he never wants to talk to me. IDK!? am I losing the one I cruelly care about? he says he loves me but not nearly as much as he used to :(