Is the economy and the cost of living a factor in today's failing relationships/ marriages?

We all know the economy isn't great right now. Depending on where you live rent can be pretty high. Where I live unless you have a really good job most people cannot afford rent on their own. You can choose to have roommates though many people prefer to live with a significant other. Is the need to afford a place to live forcing couples to move in together before they ready or before they even know if they are suitable together? I've seen a number of my friends move in with their boyfriends or girlfriends after only 1-3 months of dating and then having it go sour down the road. I've seen them have kids, get married, get separated, get back together, and so forth. I wonder if any of this would have happened had they not moved so fast.


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  • No, failing marriages and relationships have always occurred. People have seemed to jump into relationships and having children prematurely for a long time. However, the down turn in the economy may play a factor in more people living together.

    • Of course. I'm not saying failing marriage and relationships are a new thing. Just like if young couples shacking up too soon is a factor these days.

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