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How do men act after a break up?

So guys... all I want to know is if you broke up with a girl and after a month of her begging and you telling her that you never got on (even though... Show More

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  • personally the girls I have broken up with there is for me a kinda of mourning period in which I regret breaking up etc but after tht has happend I either decide tht I want them as a friend or I dnt want them in my life at all

    usually id rather have them as a friend I think he will probs delte your number if he really doesn't want you as a friend or a relationship if he keeps it he wants to either get back withj you or be ur friend

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  • Sorry for the honesty but he won't call anymore!

    at least not the within the first 2 or 3 month! but he might ask about you when he has the chance!

    The things about break up, is that men no longer needs to act! so make sure to be on good terms with him at this stage!

  • Maybe he still likes you . Stop texting/phoning him because he knows he can come back anytime. Get on with your life & when he sees you are ok without him it will make him think. It sucks but there's nothing else you can really do.

  • he still has feelings for you.

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