Child visitation question?

My ex and I dated for some time before moving in together. I was 21 and he was 30. I had a 2 year old at the time of meeting him. Him - zero kids. Fast forward 2 years, we're living together, everything is great, my daughter finally has a male figure in her life, he watches her when I'm at work and he's off, we plan a baby together, he proposes, we find out our baby is a boy which he so desperately wanted then.. whoa hold up, he's been emailing for MONTHS craigslist prostitutes online, posting he's looking for a "fwb who's a freak in the sheets", also buying naked pictures from women through PayPal and sending d**k pics of himself, all while I'm at work and he's supposed to be watching my daughter! Am I wrong to move 2 states away and completely cut him out of our lives?
So im pregnant and feeling alone one night so a month after the breakup, I look him up on instagram, (he lives in Vegas so picture this) - he's been going out almost EVERY night drinking, gambling, and he's started following more scantily-clad women than I can even count. Also he has an addiction to pot which I know he smokes in the morning before work and when he gets home. I'm due with his son any day now and I know he'll take me to court as I am filing for child support. At the very MOST I think he should get supervised visitation, every other weekend. I dont want his influence around our son. He has more vices than anyone I know and he has no intention of ever changing, he told me so himself. What's your opinion on my situatuon?


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  • Wow! Thats a BIG change. How did you not see any of this before getting serious with him?
    Is he that good at hiding things or did you miss/ignore signs before?
    Of course move away from him and kick him out of your life, he's not only toxic for yourself but for your children, including the one coming. Look, moving states away is fine as long as you can do it but my advice would be to stay close to family if possible.
    About him, well u already explained what he is and what he does. He chose that life so let him be.

  • Since he don't want to change and may be a bad influence on yo kid then give him supervised visiting rights 2 times a month with a time limit
    Good luck being a single parent, seen my sister do it and it don't look fun

  • I think the opinion you should be getting is that of a good lawyer. You basically want to get 3 things: 1) MOST IMPORTANTLY, you want the guy to not go nuts, stalk you and your family and potentially cause severe harm, 2) You want to limit his visitation if at all possible to reduce his influence on your kid (s), bearing in mind you don't want this to be SO confrontational that you'll increase the risk of 1), lastly, 3) you want to get child support payments from this guy, AGAIN making sure you don't squeeze too hard and set him off increasing the risk of 1.


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