I can't deal with heartbreak and the thought of my inability to cope with it kills me?

I suck at dealing with emotional pain. I thought I was so strong yet here I am crying after a boy that broke my heart after 6 months of dating. It's been a week and I know the wound is still fresh and open, but I hate this feeling I carry with me. My chest is heavy and my heart drops every time I think about him even though I try not to. I do laugh and smile but once I'm by myself it all comes crashing down and it just hits me out of nowhere and I get this urge to text him and tell him I miss him. The only thing that stops me is the fact that I know he doesn't give a shit. I'm torn between wanting to move on already and hoping that he will want me back and it's just confusing and frustrating. I kept all of our texts and I don't know if I should still keep them to remember him or just delete them. It's hard to let go. What should I do? I know i'm still young but it still sucks feeling this way. Just tell me something


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  • do you like chatting or talking

    • What do you mean?

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    • Ok, Shrek. All I need to know is whether it's a better idea to delete his number so i won't be tempted to check up on him

    • it's better to ignore him and much as possible that you don't even care if he exist anymore

  • first try to know his view for you whats it now in this situation of your... if he doesn't bother for your this situation dan let go... move ahead... you will get better than him...


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  • Delete the texts it will help you to forget him and even his contacts