Several questions regarding my break up with my ex. ?

Almost 2 months ago my first serious boyfriend broke up with me saying stuff like "Ive been too busy to hang out with you and I don't feel like a boyfriend" "I don't like acting like everything is all good when we barely see each other" "I don't have the mental capacity for a relationship" and "I just want to be best friends" when I asked him if he wanted to break up he said no so I asked if he just wanted to dial it back and he didn't say anything then when I asked if he wanted to take a break he said yes. I knew we were breaking up and not taking a break We both agreed we should still be good friends since we were good friends before the relationship. For the first week everything was okay we still talked and kept in contact. The first day of us not together was weird and I told him how I felt but he took it as if I'm super sad Then after a week he stopped talking to me and so I called him out and we talked again but then he stopped talking again so I gave up I know it's typical to say "I just want to be friends" but he said he wanted to be best friends and in the beginning we were both good. So why say that when not actually planning on being good friends? So I asked him and he said he hates dating rn which has no connection with be just friends. Now I'm left with a stupid answer. I also did something stupid and vented to him about all my problems bc he used to be the only one who helped but this time he just told me to stop putting time in people like him and that he doesn't have all the answers. So all I got from that is that he doesn't care about me anymore. My friends say to give it time and I'll eventually get my answers and that he just needs time to get over everything. But he broke up with me, he's the one who fell out of love with me, if anything I need time but I'm all good. Finally, today I woke up and saw that he unfollowed me on Instagram and untagged himself from photos of him. I know it's just stupid social media but what's the point of that?


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  • It is possible to be good friends with an ex, but it does take time. Usually it's best to limit contact with them for a couple months before approaching friends. It can be hard to find that line between relationship and friends, especially when the break up is fresh.

    Give both him and yourself the time to rediscover who you are out of a relationship again.

    Please remember that you can love someone passionately and still know that a relationship with them isn't right. I dated the boy I met at 12 for almost 9 years before breaking up for good. I still love and care about him. I would fight anyone that hurt him, but being in a romantic relationship just isn't right. So in your case this boy can still care about you despite leaving.

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      Yeah that makes sense

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