Would a guy let a girl spend the night over at his place if she was not his girlfriend?

He has four roommates and he let me spend the night over his house because I was tired and he sounded concern about me driving home because I was so tired. So he said that I could crash at his place even though he was at work. So I did and he asked his roommate to let me in and I waited until he came home from work. We live in two different cities and I was in his city because I had a girls night and I live an hr away from him. So just curious as to if a guy would do that for any girl unless he considered her to be his gf?

Let me rephrase my question: would a guy let a girl spend the night if she was not his girlfriend. My guy was sweet enough to let me spend the night and I was curious as to if guys would offer a girl to spend the night if she was not his gf.

you know what forget this question because apparently some people think that I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Dang it was just a question.


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  • He'd rather you crash at his place than crash into a stop sign lol.

    Just something friends do, regardless if you're a guy or a girl :)

    • Yup, I've done the same for some of my female friends, its not a big deal...

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  • Let me see if I get your dilema..

    Basically, in order for there to be a dilema, what was done must somehow be in conflict with your belief system about men.

    The facts:

    - You're not his girlfriend

    - He determined you were in no condition to go home

    - It didn't cost him anything to make sure you were safe that night & taken care of

    - So he offered to let you sleep at his place, where it was immediately close & safe

    Okay, so far, the normal thing to do for a guy or girl that isn't a homeless bum, you don't hate, or have any reason to believe they would steal or otherwise destroy your property..

    Being in a dilema over this, implies volumes about what (you) think about men, more than how men really are.. How (you) define "normal male behavior" in your mind, versus what normal male behavior actually is..

    Honestly, in your system of beliefs that you hold as true, (and therefore create this dilema), is it the case that:

    - Unless a girl is a guy's girlfriend.. then,

    - If she's in no condition to go home, he's going to try and get her to leave his place..

    - If her safety is questionable, either because of her sleepiness or hour of the night, then he's just going to tell her they'll talk tomorrow..

    - But in no circumstance will he offer her something as simple & cost-free to him as sleeping over his place for "one" night.. until she can go back to her place the next day..

    Geez.. talk about taking something small & making it into a big deal..

    If she was staying there for multiple days.. I could understand.. but a day?

    • Dude I was just asking a question and I don't have a conflict with my belief system about men. I just thought that it was a sweet that he did that and if it was common to do that.

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    • Haha she just got told~

    • Dude y'all must not understand my question. This question is not about me but about guys in general. I'm using my situation as an example and I don't have a dilemma because I obviously know that we are dating.

  • If it's cool with the roommates, I think most guys would do this...

    I once let a friend's girlfriend (who I barely knew) stay at my place for a couple of nights as a favor to my friend, since she wasn't allowed to stay at his place (long story) and had no where else to go.

    Unless there's some weird sexual tension, most guys I know would not think twice about letting someone they know crash at their place, whether that person is male or female.

  • sure, I've done it a couple times...with friends, not close friends but friends, its a respect thing kinda ya know...its not like ima be all over her and try to cuddle lol...afterall its my bed if anyone would be uncomfortable it'd be her, but I don't see a big deal over the issue

  • yes hon, I've had tons of girls that weren't my gfs sleep at my house after a party without any intentions, I had the space and they needed it.

    your friend is either caring or has intentions. and you'll know if he is either of em. if he didn't make a move on you, be lucky that you have such a caring friend.

  • i would absolutly let a friend stay the night at my house if they needed it no matter what the circumstances even if it was just to stay the night or they got kicked out of their house

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  • I'm not a guy so I obviously cannot vouch for them but I have a feeling he was just being a friend. He was concerned about you and wanted to help you out. That's what friends do. It doesn't mean that there isn't anything else but I think he was first trying to help a friend.

  • Yes, a guy would do that for a girl who was not his girlfriend. You will know you are a girlfriend only when he calls you that.

  • Yes, a guy would let a girl spend the night , even if he didn't consider her to be his girlfriend. He was just being nice to you and helping you out. Sometimes guys just do things to be nice (shocking, I know!). :P

  • Yes, I think so, especially if she was a good friend. And you did say he was concerned about you driving home. I would let anyone who was that tired to spend the night, as long as they slept in another bed.

  • He could just be concerned and think of you as a close friend like family or something doesn't exactly mean he considers you his girlfriend

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