Would a guy let a girl spend the night over at his place if she was not his girlfriend?

He has four roommates and he let me spend the night over his house because I was tired and he sounded concern about me driving home because I was so tired. So he said that I could crash at his place even though he was at work. So I did and he asked his roommate to let me in and I waited until he came home from work. We live in two different cities and I was in his city because I had a girls night and I live an hr away from him. So just curious as to if a guy would do that for any girl unless he considered her to be his gf?

Let me rephrase my question: would a guy let a girl spend the night if she was not his girlfriend. My guy was sweet enough to let me spend the night and I was curious as to if guys would offer a girl to spend the night if she was not his gf.

you know what forget this question because apparently some people think that I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Dang it was just a question.


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  • He'd rather you crash at his place than crash into a stop sign lol.

    Just something friends do, regardless if you're a guy or a girl :)

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      Yup, I've done the same for some of my female friends, its not a big deal...