What would you say to my letter? What you think about that?

I'm not going to tell all my story. I have write a letter to my ex. Didn't send it yet. I HAVE to send it. It been more than 6 months and I'm crying everyday! it couldn't be normal. That's why I need to do this thing. Howwould you react if u were my BF?

I miss you so much. And I feel sick every time when I remember those days. This silence make me feel lost. I need a Hello or a real Goodbye.



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  • Grasping at feelings in your head. Time to move on honey. This isn't about him, it's about your feelings. If he's gone all your feelings don't carry much weight with him, if at all.
    Ex's are ex's for a reason. Consider you likely dodged a huge bullet.

    • I would move on If I could. I tried.

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    • Dear Brwoneye57, I recommend to u to see your ex from highschool (maybe top late). Maybe if you were talk with her after ur breakup you would forget here and never hurted. I have this problem. I didn't speak with my beatfriend and always I missed her and cried in the same way as now. Maybe this is the problem "not talking again". Even answer will be a big NO, I will be happy for that :) and I would move on. Because his answer wouldn't be end of the life.

    • in my opinion you're trying to make something out of nothing. Guys are either into you or they're not, they move on. If he was into you he would still be around. Time for you to let these feelings go and and move on with your life.
      There is no 'ONE', no such thing as 'soul mates' and all that disney-esk BS. Go out and meet lots of people, date lots of guys, just don't hop into bed with all them. You'll find one you click with, one worth investing your time and emotion into.

      Firs thing you need to do is make yourself awesome. Pursue your education or your career, your aspirations. When you're happy standing on your own two feet THEN you MIGHT be ready to actually share your life with someone. In the meantime, develop your value, what you bring that is of high value to a relationship. Don't be getting stuck in one impossible place.

  • U should tell him If he ever loved u he will understand your situation and will surely Come back... don't keep it with yourself and send it.. this will tell what he feel and his reaction will tell you what u should do now!!!


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  • Send it... it's good, don't keep it to yourself it's better sending and knowing what he feels than worrying all alone