Ex girlfriend told me she lost attraction towards me cause I lied about the little things. Is she using me?

She also said she wants to be single. When I asked her if I was going to get her attraction back if we stay friends and I don't lie about stuff will I have a chance when she's ready for a relationship. She said yes. She also said she doesn't care if talk to girls. We also hand a fight. I told her I'll give her a brand new phone then after that she was like yes I'll be your friend. If I never said that she would had blocked me and never spoke to me again. Is she using me? What does this mean?


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  • well you broke her trust when you lied. buying her friendship back (the phone) is going to get her around temporarily but not in any consistent kind of way

  • Then she will come back to you trying to get back together. She is just using you. Remove her from your life

    • How can you tell?

    • Soon as you said something about buying her a phone

    • She says she's scared of having one cause they don't work out. Then complains when I talk to other girls and gets mad.

      She doesn't hang out with other guys except for me. She says I will have s good chance if I stop lying. How can you tell?

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  • she's just looking for a way out. take it from me man, you don't want her in the long run. Cut her off.

    • Then why call me and ask to hang out?

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    • maybe you should try to tone down the feeling. be a little more distant. the more you chase her around, the more she's gonna act like that.

    • That's why I'm doing. Thanks

  • Its possible its hard to tell

  • It seems pretty cut and dry to me that she's just using you. How was the new phone thing not obvious?

  • what Part dont you get?

    • 1: is she using me
      2: I can't tell if she's wanting to wait until we know each other before dating. Plus, we jumped into our relationship day one
      3: She says she wants to be single but gets hurt and mad when I talk to girls. She acts like she wants one but then says she doesn't.
      4: When I tell her why she doesn't want a relationship she says cause they don't work out
      5: if she acting like she im wants one then why wait?
      6: we hang out as friends but she doesn't hang out with anyone else. Why only me?
      7: it's all confusing

    • She said she doesn't want you!

    • She said she didn't want anyone right now but she said later she will be. That's why I'm not understanding. What is her goal?

      What do you think?