My ex boyfriend says he's happy with his new girlfriend

OK my ex and I broke up in April after over 5 years and I found out recently that his girlfriend that he claimed he had only been with since April he was seeing her since January so he cheated on me so I have told him over and over again to leave me alone and stop calling and texting me or showing up at my office and house and he keeps doing this why won't he leave me alone if he's so happy with her why does he keep telling me he misses me and that I'm the only one he can talk to and got sad when I told him I was seeing someone else so my problem is why is he still trying to keep me in his life when he cheated on me and I keep telling him I hate him and want nothing to do with him? he says he doesn't love her and that its not the same so why did you lie about cheating on me and about your relationship that you have with her now? also keep telling me he loves me its so confusing and annoying please help I can't take this anymore!

The topic of this she be my ex says he's not happy with his g/f


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  • He cheated on you. End of story. It doesn't matter why he keeps doing the stupid things he is doing. Ignore him or file a restraining order. You could also tell your boss that he is disrupting your work environment and they will keep him from going to your work. (I worked at target and some guy was following me around after work, I told my boss and they took care of it.) If he doesn't love her, that's his problem not yours. Your relationship with him is over, thank goodness. Do not take him back by any means. 5 years or not. At this point he has become a cheating stalker and all you have to do is tell the police he is stalking you. It may seem a little overboard but your safety and personal well-being are very important.

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      Seems like she still has FEELINGS for him and didn't mean anyone of the words she's spoken. Anyhow I totally agree with you !

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      If the cops calling him didn't scare him then I'm going to just keep ignoring his

      calls and texts and if it continues for a long period of time I will contact his girlfriend but a restraining order isn't really necessary I'm not scared of him I just want him to leave me alone and move on with my life I don't call him or text him at all and as far as getting back with him never he broke all trust I had in him and trust takes a long time to earn and seconds to shatter and can never be fixed

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      Scared or not it works lol. I just figure it would be a quick fix.