Guys, Guys opinions after my breakup. New contact with ex years later?

My ex and I just had contact after years of us broken up. Split was ammicable. No ill feelings Just really young. I want to know from the following texts he sent if he truly meant what he said. No woman wants to feel forgotten or not somewhat cared about after a break up. here's how it went.. He text me then called me after I reached out to say hey. He asked me to lunch then cancelled a week later on the day we were supposed meet up saying he didn't want to meet up behind his girlfriend back. I told him I understood. Then several minutes later, he asked if I would meet him at a park. We met, exchanged hellos and I decided to leave. It was literally a 2 second visit. I could tell he wanted to talk, catch up, he looked at me with this "please dont go look" and he kept watching me as I was leaving. He even stood at my passenger side door as if to say, please dont go. He then texts me and says he wishes me the best. That he's proud of the person I became. He tells me he was sorry he hurt me and that he stayed with me for all those years because I meant something to him. I told him we should cut ties but only after I told him the break up took years for me to cover and that seeing him brought back old feelings. Does this mean he did/does care about me. I dont want to get back with him, I just want to feel like I meant something to him.


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  • you're cruel 😢 feels bad even reading this you could have just talk a bit about what happened. long time no see and such 😢
    rip ex boyfriend

    • I wanted to but I was trying to honor his wishes and not have him feel bad for sneaking around his girlfriends back. I can respect when someone is trying to be faithful. I wish I could go back and hear him out. I just hope I meant a little something to him. Thanks for the insight.

    • im 10000% sure you meant something for him

    • Thanks. Maybe I'll try to contact him again soon.