Do you give his stuff back after a break up?

I've never given gifts back. I guess its up to the individual.

I'm just wondering what other people do? Do you give it back? Toss it? Burn it? Keep it? What? And what do you think of your ex if they give it back, toss it, or keep it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If the guy has given you gifts, they are YOURS. If you have stuff that belongs to him, the nice thing to do ( and the right thing to do) is give it all back. Do not throw his things away!

    Gifts are not to be returned - just put them away in a special place and forget about them. Someday you will discover them again and smile over the memories. I have thrown gifts away over the years and lived to regret it. You are upset/angry at the time - but later.. you get over it and may be glad you have that special memory. You can throw your gifts away, of course - that decision is up to you. Or give them away. Your choice. Hugz.