Do you give his stuff back after a break up?

I've never given gifts back. I guess its up to the individual. I'm just wondering what other people do? Do you give it back? Toss it? Burn it?... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • If the guy has given you gifts, they are YOURS. If you have stuff that belongs to him, the nice thing to do ( and the right thing to do) is give it all back. Do not throw his things away!

    Gifts are not to be returned - just put them away in a special place and forget about them. Someday you will discover them again and smile over the memories. I have thrown gifts away over the years and lived to regret it. You are upset/angry at the time - but later.. you get over it and may be glad you have that special memory. You can throw your gifts away, of course - that decision is up to you. Or give them away. Your choice. Hugz.