Do you give his stuff back after a break up?

I've never given gifts back. I guess its up to the individual.

I'm just wondering what other people do? Do you give it back? Toss it? Burn it? Keep it? What? And what do you think of your ex if they give it back, toss it, or keep it?


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  • If the guy has given you gifts, they are YOURS. If you have stuff that belongs to him, the nice thing to do ( and the right thing to do) is give it all back. Do not throw his things away!

    Gifts are not to be returned - just put them away in a special place and forget about them. Someday you will discover them again and smile over the memories. I have thrown gifts away over the years and lived to regret it. You are upset/angry at the time - but later.. you get over it and may be glad you have that special memory. You can throw your gifts away, of course - that decision is up to you. Or give them away. Your choice. Hugz.


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  • Depends. I had some DVD's that I borrowed from my ex that she insisted I give back after she was a complete shallow bitch and broke up with me. So I mailed them to her parents house along with a copy of the recorded threesome we had for her parents hardcore Catholic pleasure. Not their little girl.. she's so perfect and innocent. Think again...

    • I don't know what she did to deserve that sort of hate from you, but by letting anyone see a video she trusted you with is the lowest most despicable thing you could do. You should be ashamed of yourself. Pathetic.

    • Trusted me with it? What happened to her getting a laptop with a webcam and doing nude shows on it? I don't respect her. Parents thought she was an angel... Not a chance. Wahhhhh. Ya defend the slut.

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  • I keep gifts because I think it's rude not to. Last time I went through a break-up I hid them somewhere I couldn't see them to get rid of any reminders of my ex (purely during the 'getting-over-them' stage).

    With actual stuff of theirs they may have left at mine or I borrowed off of them, I give back.

  • keeping things from the past is bad feng shui. even if they bring good memories, past is past. I don't give it back cause once he gave it to me, I became the owner, so, being my property I can do what I want to it.i never give it back, I just throw it all away ( except if it is something reaaaaaly expensive, like a car or something lol, or with a sentimental value,in that case I give it back)

  • if they were gifts keep them..but if they arr property of his that you borrowed and just never gave back then return it.

  • i have gaven my ex his stuff back... and he would throw it out his car window like he wouldn't want it or give it my my brother so then I burned it and I felt great but I just throw sh*t away now that's what he did to me threw all my sh*t in the trash

  • yes, I don't want them. I don't want any reminders. just cut it clean with an ex

  • The mature thing to do would be to give back anything that was borrowed (movies, cds etc.), or anything that was sentimental (mother's necklace).

    As for the other things, if he broke up with you, then he wouldn't want the things (you may just be making more drama for both of you). If you broke up with him, it would be hurtful to him if you gave them back. Just keep the stuff you like it, and throw it away the stuff you don't (or give it away if it is worth something). Burn it if it makes you feel better...

    An engagement ring, however, is the only thing with rules. If he broke it off, it is yours to keep. If you broke it off, you need to give it back.