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If a guy says he wants to be close friends and says 'let's see how it goes' what does this mean?

We talk on MSN and over facebook but we don't really talk to each other face to face. I really want to do this as I have asked can we meet up and at... Show More

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  • This guy isn't ready for a relationship, but that doesn't keep him from enjoying the attention you're ready to lavish on him.

  • you should take it all the way. Meet him get to know him face to face. the you'll know if he is the guy you really think he is.

    • How? He is the first guy I feel is right. I have only had one other boyfriend about a year ago but it didn't feel right so I kinda ended it within a few days.

    • Just be straight foward. say I want to meet you if he doesn't go all the way than he is scared or just not worth it

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