I want to break up with my boyfriend, but I don't want to hurt him?

I love him,but he always hurts me,misunderstands me,doesn't listen to me,I am hurt.How can I still love him?I want to leave him,but I don't want to hurt him.Hurting is bad.Please,tell me if there is a good way to break up with him,if there is a good way to leave away from him.


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  • Stop trying. Give up. Make him want to leave you.

    Stop telling him things. Stop trying to make him smile. Stop being so responsive when he talks to you. Don't make out with him anymore. Pretend you're very busy. Start talking with other guys, and hanging out with them too.

    Pretend you don't care about what your boyfriend does. Act like he can do anything he wants. Don't show him he can hurt you. Show him that his words are meaningless to you. That you just don't care about him anymore.

    If he doesn't get worried, then it's because he doesn't care about you. If he doesn't care about you, then I don't see why you're worrying about hurting him by a break-up, since he won't get hurt.

    But if he notices you're acting strange, and acts why, then it means he does care. If he asks you why you're acting strange, tell him you don't like the way he's been treating you. Tell him you don't like that he always hurts you, and how he never listens to you.

    If after he realizes this, he still doesn't change, then go ahead and tell him you don't want to see him anymore. Doing this is perfect because this way, it's his own fault and he won't be able to blame you. He's the one who hurt himself, by aggravating you to the point where you felt like leaving him. Also, this way it gives him a chance to redeem yourself and hopefully avoid the break-up by making you want to stay with him.

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      If he's already hurting her, why should she stay?

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      That's kind of true. But remember, women do tend to hint at things. If you've been with someone long enough and you care about them, you'll eventually see when something is bothering them. It may take a little work, but you'll eventually get to the bottom of it. It comes down to how much you care about them.

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      We don't know how long they are together.

      To recognize female 'hints' is for some guys really hard. Actually my friends have no idea what such 'hints' could mean. Men are not women. Some of them need some time to read and encode your 'hints'.

      I have the gift that I can read those 'hints' but maybe just due to the fact that I was just raised by my mother and never had a father so I'm used to 'female lenguage'.

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