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How to stop thinking about an ex that broke your heart?

So yeah long story short..I was seeing a girl for about 6 months and she dumped me twice. The only reason I got back with her the second time was... Show More

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  • The best revenge is to be happy, 6 months isn't long at all. think about it... You'll be fine, you sound educated and well mannered, this will get you far.

    • Yeah but it was also my only real girlfriend of any meaningful length..which I'm guessing is the problem

  • It never goes away, but you get used to it. Get rid of everything that's hers, or anything that reminds you of her. If there's a song on the radio that reminds you of her, change the station. Think about her negative qualities, not her positive ones. Delete her number off your phonebook. Hang out with your guy friends more, go to the club or even the book store. There are always good girls waiting for that one special guy at book stores, and ten times better than your ex. Just remember, you may love your ex but she's not going to return the favor. She doesn't deserve such a good guy like you.

    • Haha thanks..yeah she actually has a new number and she texted me and all I said was "who is this?" and when she told me I just ignored her and deleted that stuff..i should probably delete all her love letters she wrote me and anything she bought me...would it be wise to delete her from my facebook friends?

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