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Ex-girlfriend tried to ignore me as we walked by each other yet answered, why?

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me two months ago. On our monthly milestone, I got jealous about a facebook post where she appeared to be possibly... Show More

Really, I'm curious about her behavior. It's been almost 2.5 months since the break up, I told her almost 1.5 months ago that I got it and best wishes. No contact from me since. She wanted me gone, I've been gone. We'd agreed to be cordial at work, so...

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  • She probably answered because she doesn't want to be super rude and just leave you hanging in public. She probably sounded hostile because she remembers how much you were bugging her and she's beyond sick and tired of you.

    My ex and I split earlier this year, and he did the same thing you did, with the repeated emails and letters under my door and similar things, for similar reasons. He still had feelings for me and wanted to get back together, I did not, and he didn't seem to understand that by continually trying to get in contact and be best buddies again, he was only irritating me. I hope you weren't as insulting in your correspondence as he was, but that in and of itself sealed the deal as far as "it's fine if I never see or hear from you again".

    Just bear in mind that two months really isn't a long time in the scheme of things as far as these go (I'm assuming you guys had been together a while? My ex and I dated for over a year, it's been about five months since the split, and last I heard he's still not over me and I still don't want anything to do with him).

    Best of luck in working past all this and sorry to hear it happened - I've been in the same situation myself from your end, so I feel your pain.

    • I appreciate your answer, let me clarify some things....it was six e-mails and one letter, four e-mails when we broke up, the letter three weeks later, and two more e-mails three weeks after. No phone calls and no other contact.I do know enough to realize that insults won't accomplish anything, regardless of how much pain your feeling. So, she didn't want to be "super rude", just rude? We had agreed to be cordial at work. I get the impression that you may be projecting your experience into this

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