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Signs a relationship is coming to an end? Advice?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years October 14, but we've been having a lot of problems since he moved across town and we only... Show More

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  • usually if there is not trust in the relationship then you should break up with him.-my boyfriend had his ex cheat on him, and he found out because one of his friends worked at the hotel saw her with a guy and told him she was cheating-he said when he accused her she did not deny it, and actually flaunted the fact that she had a lot of guy friends and went out a lot-she liked to rave, and go dance/parties and drink-he didn't so he didn't know what she was doing at night with her brothers/friends-he worked 3rd shift and was never sleeping with her, just barely saw her-she didn't like his hobbies of video games, and she started to ignore him and not let him into her group of friends... After 3 months of accusing her, she told him sex with him meant nothing and that he meant nothing to her...and it took him 7 years to get over her but whatever.-as for you: he seems untrusting... either help him to get over it and learn to trust you or you should tell him you guys need a break. hope that helps.

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  • Lots of guys will accuse you of doing the same thing that they are guilty of . like cheating? Your relationship is strained, he's not happy, you both are frustrated and you are afraid of upsetting him? What about YOU? This relationship has run its course... Please move on from this. I have no idea what you are getting out of this arrangement - and it takes two people to make it work. It's not working. Sorry ~ It might hurt in the beginning... but this is not a guy you are going to spend the rest of your life with. You had 5 years - remember the happy times - part friends if you can - and wish him good luck. He shouldn't be comparing you to anyone. Hugz.

  • end it. if he can't trust you, then why bother?look for "signs you're in an abusive relationship"

  • it is very evident that your boyfriend doesn't intend to take this relationship any further.. if he does he would trust you even when you say that your flirting with other guys...it clearly means that in his mind the relationship is over and he's finding reasons to dump you. the more you grow week and try to make up for what he's doing the more he'll complain. maybe he's interested in a girl in the new place. but if you keep doing things to make him happy the more you'll be hurt in the end cause eventually it will end so start being strong from now on.. I might sound negative but this is what is the fact honey..

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