Why is my ex boyfriend so angry when he ended it?

Hi there. I really need a guys honest opinion on this. My partner of 4 years just broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He seemed distant and depressed or perhaps just not happy with me. We have had a pretty intense 4 years living together and lots of ups and downs.

He decided to tell me after a row that he couldn't be with me and our relationship wouldn't work because 'we wanted different things'. I disagreed as the only thing I wanted was him. I know we used to be deeply in love. After days of begging him I moved out with a relative. I have been really at rock bottom grieving over him . Now every time I try and get in touch (I have stopped now) he gets angry with me. He has become really aggressive over texts. He went from being cold to just plain angry. Does this mean he cares, I don't know what I have done to deserve this venom from him all I did was love him completely.

Why do guys turn nasty when breaking up with a girl. I also need him back in my life. I can't bear the thought of not seeing him again after 4 years together . I appreciate any advice xxx

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  • I know you want a guys opinion, but after reading what you wrote I had to reply. You see, when my ex boyfriend broke from me, he got angry and stuff, cos I kept calling him and texting him. He said he wanted to be left alone and to give him some space. But I wanted to be with him and he was distant and cold towards me. It was something that I couldn't understand.

    Thats why I can relate to what you are going through. The thing is you need to give him space and not bombard him with texts and calls. Don't cry and get upset as that will make you appear clingy and needy. You may have done nothing wrong, but he wants out and needs some time to consider things or the next step in his life. You have to wait for him to contact you, but if every time you do speak with him, it ends up in a row. Just behave as a friend would, be caring, polite and cool. he may wonder why you are like that, and it should peak his interest. Just say you are sorting out stuff in your life and you feel fine and then just ask him, that when the time is right perhaps we could meet up for lunch, as it will look less like a date and not scare him, say it would be nice to meet and have a laugh.

    He is only angry with you since you as you are not leaving him get on with things.




    Just get busy, planning some stuff for yourself. Such as learning a new language, joining a group or starting a new hobby or interest. Go out with friends and keep busy. Just wait till he contacts you.

    • Thanks for your reply. I'm sure if you have been there like me its the most awful situation of which you have no control. May I ask, did your ex ever contact you in the end. I hate social networking in relationships but I deleted him off my fb because it was too painful to see what he was doing etc, and now he blocked me! He text me to say that it was because I deleted him as a friend. I explained my actions and he did not reply. It just seems like one upmanship.

    • Yes my ex has contacted me since and we chat online everyday and text as well, but this is the thing, he has moved on and has been dating since me. He dated rather quickly after he dumped me. It didn't last and then he had another girl friend and that didn't last either. He is now seeing someone else, but he is treating the relationship, the way he treated me, and it hurts like hell,. to hear about stuff like this, this is the only downfall being 'friends' with an ex.

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