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What do you do if you can't trust your own sister?

I recently just found out that my sister has been sending flirty texts to my ex who I still talk to and have feelings for, and who I was hoping to... Show More

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  • I am really sorry to hear...

    If a guy is going to fall for your sister's tricks, then he must have a pretty weak will, that is not someone you want to be with anyway. Plus... you know that you cannot "make" someone love you, so if a guy truly loves you, he will not fall for your sister's trickeries, there should be no possible way for her to steal him from you. Try to forget him, there are better guys out there :) you deserve someone who truly loves you.

    Your sister's behavior is rather immature, but perhaps she doesn't realize just how much hurt you are experiencing over her actions. You should talk to her, let her know how much she is hurting you. After all... you can break up with a guy, but at the end of the day, she is still your sister, so try to reconcile with her.

    Your sister might not change the way she is, but even if this guy hasn't come between the two of you, eventually you'll still have to learn to protect yourself and learn ways to deal with difficult sibling relationship/situations. Good luck!

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  • When I first discovered I couldn't trust my own sister, I decided to find someone elses sister to trust. It worked out very nicely, and I've been doing it ever since. Of course, being as I'm a guy, this was perhaps only to be expected.

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  • Sweetie I understand your upset and frustration.

    What your sister doing while wrong, CAN be seen as a good thing too. She's weeding out the flakes for you. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have a guy who had eyes only for me, and proved that by always snubbing your sister.

    i used to get my cousin actually to hit on my boyfriends just to test them for me. Saved me the trouble of finding out later on if they were cheaters or not and how honest they were or not by actually telling me what she was doing. :)

    In your case... while you feel sick.. try to see the plus side. He's not validating your feelings and trying to shrug off things that obviously meant something to you. His communication skills are terrible.

    Just ell him plainly how you feel, and tell your sister too. This should be a time for you to heal. :) Move on, cherish your sister no matter what.

  • I'm so sorry! That should never happen between sisters! May I suggest beat her ass!? Seriously you don't do that to family whup that bitch ass something serious! Your family will just have to understand! If she has been through a lot I guess getting her ass beat won't be too much out of the ordinary for her. She deserves it

    BTW if he is going to do that with your sister it's not like he is gonna fall in love with her ya know what I mean? He is probably just gonna use her and treat her like the ho that she is so she will get her karma

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