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How do you know if a guy wants to end a relationship?

what are some signs?things other than like texting late and stuff...

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  • Here are the BIG signs: Making excusesMaking up small liesAlways having plansMoody texts Not replying to calls or textsExcusesNot telling you his feelingsUsing short answers Talking to other girlsNo eye contactIgnoring you or avoiding youAlways with friends And the "we need to talk"Hope this helps your situation:)

    • Short answers and talking to other girls are not BIG signs a guy wants to break up with you. Now if he's flirting with other girls you might have a problem.

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  • He doesn't call as muchdoesn't ask about your life/your daydoesn't act interested in what you have to say (for example, you'd tell him something that happened to you and he says "sweet/cool/nice" etc.) finds excuses not to talk to you-no service, busy, with friends, etc. Bc if he DID like you, he'd make time for youyou don't hang out as muchhe doesn't initiate things (hanging out, phone calls, texts etc)he doesn't tell you his feelingshe spends time with his friends instead of youhe acts detached, disinterested, and shut offdoesn't make eye contact. hope this helps!

    • Wow.... ok so he finds excuses like the no service, and doing chores, swimming... we don't hang out as much because he has football practice everyday and we go to the same school and all but he lives in a different town.he dosen't really tell me his feelings.....he acts like he's out of focus and not interested...and he sometimes makes eye contact.... WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?!?!?!?!?

    • Hahah sounds like my ex!!! Think about breaking up, you deserve someone who doesn't play with your emotions and make you worried about the relationship ALL the time. If you have to keep asking yourself "what did I do wrong?" then he probably isn't interested anymore and doesn't want to make any extra efforts.

  • He calls you less and less. He doesn't want to hang out as much

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