How come it's so easy for guys to get over a break-up?

How come it's so easy for guys to get over a break-up?


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  • From an evolutionary/biological perspective, the basic goal of the male is to spread as much seed as he can, thereby passing on his genes through many offspring, surviving through the next generation. This is basically how all male animals work. (Read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins or take a biology course, and you'll see what I mean. )

    Taking that into account, a guy will get over a girl because he does not want to lose any opportunities with any new potential "mates. " Obviously, this doesn't directly apply to today's social settings, but it's a legitimate explanation of a man's human, yet animalistic, nature.

    • This sure hits it right on the head least I know for me it does.. If a girl wrongs me it's easy to just never say another peep to her goes back to the old say ing of, "there's plenty more females where she came from." So if one treats me what I think of as wrong, it's nothing for me to not talk to her ever again, and make a different friend instead.

    • Do all guys have a "selfish gene"?

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  • it's not necessarily easy, but guys don't show as much emotions in public just because "we're guys". trust me though, most guys take it just as hard.

  • It's not easy for all guys, depends on how sincere the person is/was about you.

  • OK thats not true guys have the same emotions as females we just are unable to wear it on our sleeves like females can yea its something our sex has to work on but listen we hide it very well...

  • Trust me not all guys are able to get over a break up so easily, it took me over 3 months to get over my ex who I was only with for 7 months!

    • Only 3months???!???? :(

    • We never got into anything serious and it was me doing 90% of the work the whole was a tough 3 months trust me

  • Not true at all. where are you getting these ideas from?

  • Because men think with their heads,and not hearts.

    I know last time I broke up with a woman it took me all of 5-min.

    You can blast me and say I'm cold.

    But that's the sad reality,women use their emotions,men use logic.

    Ask yourself if women can do everything a man can.

    Than in pro sports why aren't there any women scouts?

    hmmmmm,answer that question and have the answer to why most guys get over

    breaking with women sooner.

    Case closed.

    • Haha...for boasting guys ability to use logic you sure did pick a very illogical analogy to make your broken case.

  • Who said its easy for guys to get over break-up. Most Men just don't wear their heart out on their sleeves like many women do. Men and Women handle things completely different. I have known many women that seem to have no problem with breaking up with guy after guy after guy. For some people its very easy but for others it may not be easy but they are not all about wallowing in it either.

  • i have a problem with that its not true there are guys like myself who break down when girls break up with them maybe there's not very many sensitive guys out there but this sh*t hurts bad when someone breaks ur heart and you see them they seem just fine but uu kno theyll get there's itll happen to them to...

  • It's not easier for guys to get over it then girls, it completely depends on the person. I personally never find it easy to get over a break up and am in such a rut right now. Some guys get over it easily, some girls do and some times guys struggle a lot and the girl not at all.

    It is 100% dependent on the person and the relationship, not the gender.


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  • You can't explain this because it's really up to each individual. It depends on how much the person cared for their "significant" other. For example, I know plenty of men who have cried or felt depressed for MONTHS after breaking up with their girlfriend because he truly cared and loved her. Now this would have the opposite affect if he didn't care about her.

    My point being is: despite our gender differences, we all handle situations differently. Some hide the fact that they're heart broken and some just don't care. This can be the same with women. (I know I've been in EVERY emotional state after breaking up that you can think of).

  • Ugh I hate guys like that...thats ok they're the ones who will end up lonely, fat, and surrounded by cats CRAZY CAT MAN!!!!

  • Not all guys get over it that easily but most of them try to play it off cool so they don't show any weakness...another reason why some guys get over the break-up so easily is because they just don't care and those kind of guys are usually jerks

  • You know why its so easy for the males cos they haven't a heart like us females, and to be quite honest its cos they have other females to fall back on, not like us females we take our relationship to serious and fall to deep in love with the arseholes...

  • When you can figure that out, please let me know. My boyfriend and I broke up a week ago and he's already moving on... 1 freaking week after a 2 yrs relationship. After he cried and said he loves me, that I'm more than his girlfriend, I'm his best friend, that I'm the most important thing in his life, etc...

    • Who broke up with you? If you were the one doing the 'breaking', he probably feels pretty dumb putting his heart out there completely and confessing his love for you, and you still breaking up with him. He probably wants to get over you as soon as possible, get his mind off of you. If HE was the one doing the breaking up after his love confession. Well, then he is psychotic!

    • I told my girlfreind all of that and realy meant it. she did not want anything to do with it and afterwards I acted like I didn't even care but cried myself to sleep thinking about her about three times a week for the next three months.

    • That happen to me too we broke up a week ago and he started dating someone else a week after and we were in a 5yrs relationship I wonder as well what the hell happen

  • I think guys can get over someone easier because when they finally break-up, they thought about it long enough before the actual break-up. It's also possible that they already have their eyes on someone else, too.

    Also, and I'm not a lesbian but I sometimes wish I was, I honestly believe there are more great females out there than there are guys. And this may be in reference to the whole biological/evolution theory of that one guy's answer and it doesn't help that society reinforces the notion that a man is more of a man based on how many girls he can have.

    And, yes, not ALL guys are like that but it is rare. And even rarer to find a good guy who has the whole package as well. (Sorry, no beer belly baldies for me!) yeah, that's shallow but that's reality.

  • Actually it takes a guy about three times as long to get over a relationship as it does a woman. Men are just not as open about sharing the fact that they are suffering, just as much, if not more than the woman. Woman are actually way more resilient than men and bounce back a lot faster. Don't let appearances fool you.