How come it's so easy for guys to get over a break-up?

How come it's so easy for guys to get over a break-up?

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  • From an evolutionary/biological perspective, the basic goal of the male is to spread as much seed as he can, thereby passing on his genes through many offspring, surviving through the next generation. This is basically how all male animals work. (Read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins or take a biology course, and you'll see what I mean. )

    Taking that into account, a guy will get over a girl because he does not want to lose any opportunities with any new potential "mates. " Obviously, this doesn't directly apply to today's social settings, but it's a legitimate explanation of a man's human, yet animalistic, nature.

    • This sure hits it right on the head least I know for me it does.. If a girl wrongs me it's easy to just never say another peep to her goes back to the old say ing of, "there's plenty more females where she came from." So if one treats me what I think of as wrong, it's nothing for me to not talk to her ever again, and make a different friend instead.

    • Do all guys have a "selfish gene"?