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Ex boyfriend won't let go!

My ex boyfriend broke up with me...I wanted to get back together, and he claimed to want to also. But he thought it was for the best. Any way I've... Show More

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  • You should first make up your own mind. If you really want to get back to him then I would suggest that you let it happen on its own. when he text you..you text him back. When he don't you also stay calm and keep yourself busy. Until the text /call become more frequent.

    On the other hand, if you really want to move on then the best thing is to go complete NC. no call taking, no text replying(not even reading...just delete without reading) , no seeing him, no emails, no frequenting the place where he goes.

    He will stop texting or contacting after a while when he will get bored of you not been replying.

    • I do want to get back together, he knows that. But if he thinks the relationship won't survive, it looks like he isn't really willing to give it a try

    • Dont go on his words. See his action. He is the one texting you so he is definately interested. He just want to take it slow.

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