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Is it too late to win her back?

I am an idiot. An absolute idiot and I think I've probably blown it. I'm a coward. I admit it. I don't deserve someone as good as her. I just don't... Show More

I won her back :D

What Girls Said 1

  • its not too late, you clearly both have feelings for each other. But the thing is, the relationship isn't going to be the same even if you were to reunite. She has been with other people, and so have you, there would be issues over that at some point, I'm sure. Also, because of the distance you may never feel like you have fully sorted things out, unless you could see eachother.

    My suggestion would be to keep up communication, a friendship, to rebuild your trust for one another. Organise for a time in the future where you will meet up, and if both of you are interested, perhaps roconcile the relationship. If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that both of you are focused on then it will make getting back together a lot easier, instead of feeling like your headed nowhere. There is no point in getting back together now, when you still have the distance, and issues like paranoia and jealousy getting in the way of your future.

    If need be, have a don't ask don't tell policy. Just don't talk about other people your seeing, at least until you can see each other in person and have a proper roconciliation and relationship, until then just try and maintain a friendship with her.

    • I won her back :D

What Guys Said 1

  • Being completetly idiot and blown away something is one thing and having some strong gut feeling and acting upon it is another. You had those strong feeling that the distance might make it difficult for her to be faithful. You were also having thoughts about yourself that you might also feel like cheating on her. (eventually you did).

    Who knows that the FWB she has now has came to the story before you borke up or after. It may be just that the disclosure came after you broke up with her.?.

    Winnign her back while you guys will still stay so far is worthless. The gut feelings (or whatever) you had about her will remain as it is and since you know she has a FWB you will never be able to trust and to be with her as affectionate as you use to be.

    I am a person who strongly advocate of second chance and getting back together with ex (except if the breakup is cheating or chronic lying). But in your case I would advice of moving on.

    It will hurt for sometime but you will be fine soon.

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