Is it too late to win her back?

I am an idiot. An absolute idiot and I think I've probably blown it. I'm a coward. I admit it. I don't deserve someone as good as her. I just don't think now I've had her I could ever fall in love again.

Long story short:

University begins. My girlfriend of 2 years moves to Slovakia (1,097 miles away from where I go) I get into a heap of financial trouble and trouble with a major student landlord agency. I struggle to adapt to uni life. My girlfriend and I start to have frequent arguments over skype which is our only means of contact. I hate my course. Stress levels are incredibly high. I start to get suspicious of my girlfriend off in Slovakia. Advice from this site tells me she will cheat on me. Friends tell me I should break up because of the distance, I could get other girls. I start to get thoughts about cheating which I'd never had before (and never once acted on). I start to think because of arguments and cheating thoughts I don't love her as much as I used to. Stress, confusion about life direction, worried about cheating (I would rather break up than cheat...) etc etc I break up.

I know my girl though, way better than anyone else. I thought it was over and I could deal with it. If I gave her any idea or doubt in her mind that would lead her to think we could get back together then she would hold onto that and never move on, never get over me. So I broke her heart for her own good. But now I can't deal without being with her. The distance made it hard before and I honestly was a coward and didn't think I was strong enough which was another reason. Now my life just seems to keep going further downhill everyday. I have lost all sense of direction and cannot see the point in anything. I'm depressed and never felt so alone in my life.

Life has come to this breaking point for me. I'm going to have to move on or win her back before I can do anything else. A couple of weeks ago we started talking again. Just now and again on MSN. The way she talked still reminded me so much about us. And a couple of days ago she told me she'd basically got a FWB there. She told me it was nice just to be able to cuddle in bed, hold hands and play together. It killed me. I'm not totally innocent either. I had a one night stand (I thought it would be more since she gave me her contact details). I was affectionate. I tried to make it more than it was. I was new to it. And after my girl told me about her feeling nice about being able to just hold hands or whatever, I realized how this girl I slept with, I didn't really feel anything. I don't feel anything for any other girls now. Girls I might have thought about cheating with, now I feel nothing for. Everything has led to the realization that, I still love her as much as I always have and always think I will.

I don't need any advice as to how to win her back, if I do it will be another question,

All I want to know is

Is it too late to win her back?

I won her back :D