Did I get too close too quick? Do I seem desperate?

Really need some advice on this!I've been with my boyfriend for over a month now. I believe he's got comfortable in the relationship because he's gone past trying to "woo" me. He always takes the p*ss out of me, and I just laugh it off. I really like him. However, when I sent a text to him, I got an odd response. convo: "Didn't buy anything from the expensive shop. walking home now :) xxx"I replied: ":) lol I've bought myself a new top :S oooopsy. xxxx"He replied: "Haha mong, don't spend all your moneys. You need it lol. :) I'm listening to Bring me to the Horizon ha ha :P People on the train ain't impressed. xxxx" To which I gave a long reply to: "Haha I know :p it's only a cheapo one from Primark :p oh oh and I got us a huuge bag of Moam for Fri :) Haha big emo :P I was listening to does it offend you yeah lol! Ur becoming too much of an influence :p"And then after waiting a while I got this response: "Mwahaahahaha xxxxxx"Did I seem too desperate in my last message? I don't get it.

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  • I think he was just giving an evil-laugh response to you saying that he's becoming too much of an influence, lol. Don't overthink! Seems fine.

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