I'm talking to my ex-boyfriend secretly. Should I stop or not? I don't want to behave so cheap.

After 15 years of lost contact, I finally saw my ex-boyfriend. I'm happily married with two kids and he's happily married too. I don't want to have an affair with him but I can't stop talking to him. I always dream of making love with him. what I should do?


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  • Just out of curiosity, is this a loaded question?

    By what you've stated, it looks like you've already made up your mind. I'm not judging. The heart / brain wants what it wants. If it's just talking, then should there be any problem. I suppose unless the respective partners are too over-protective, or can't handle you two talking to each other, then I don't see a real big problem - I'm assuming that you're both grown adults, just enjoying each others' conversational company.

    There shouldn't be an issue, unless that is, you act on urges which may result in infidelity. Again, I must stress, I'm not judging.

    Does your respective partner know? And if so, how does he feel about you talking to him? If not, will you keep it a secret? I suppose like wise for him, with the same questions.



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  • Sounds like you need a little more excitement in your life. Fallen into the same routine? Now your ex comes into the picture and is making you feel young and spontaneous. Maybe you should stop talking to him and start focusing on making your life with your husband more thrilling.

  • You sound ALL caught up with your ex. This ain't fair to your husband... You need to tell him- and ask for his forgiveness... and his help in this... for your marriage... and for your psyche.


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  • Girl you need to stop talking to him NOW> you are married what would your childre think if they lost the family they have now because of a relationship you had then.. Don't be selfish. Secretivly talking to another man, not just another man an ex boyfriend. Having sexual dreams of this man as well. Looks like if you had the chance you would have an affair. Let me ask you this. If you were asked to meet up with this guy, and lets say your husband and kids were away would you? It may sound easy to say no but in your head your are all about it.. Please don't take this wrong I'm just trying to fill you head with sence.. Please remember the vowes and love you and your husband share, remember the reason why you said yes to him, and think about your children... Lady in all honesty I would say your are already mentally cheating on your family... Just beceuse you are both married don't mean you can both cheate and it will all be okay..You just need to tell this guy look we both married I love the man I married and as hard as it may be, I need to stop talking to you cause this could get carried away.. Take the advice or keep talking to the guy hope my words don't come off to harsh..

    I do wish you the best in making your decision.

  • I am in the same situation, started talking to my ex-boyfriend after 15 years of no contact, I'm married with two children, he's married with two children. in my mind I know this is not right and stress is so much that I have terrible neck and shoulder pain (result of TMJ), my dentist said that I am under stress but then, I just denied it. Now, thinking about it I am always cautious and yes stressed as well what if my husband comes to know about this. I don't want to cost myself a broken relationship and a broken house to my kids, I feel bad but I can't help it. I need serious brainwashing maybe no contact with him for another may be months with him will keep my mind off my ex.

    I have a request to the person who posted this question originally, can you please send me an email (mohitg2006@gmail.com), I really need to talk to someone who can understand what I am going through. Please!