Why do you treat ex girlfriends bad after you break up but you always come back to her?

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  • why do you make sweeping generalisations?! you first...

    • I guess there are exceptions:-) My ex is not! We haven't spoken for months and out of the blue he calls me up ( he had a girlfriend that time) that he wants to see me, that he missed me bla bla. And then we keep seeing each other for sex but then he keeps calling me to hang out. And then he finnishes it (No girlfriend anymore) and now he is not talking to keep far away from me.

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  • You mean always go back to her for s*x. We don't go back to fix the relationship that is already broken. If we wanted to, we wouldn't be treating you like sh*t.

    • Not just for s*x...we spent time together,everyday we saw each other and then suddenly he changed and was rude.

  • Exs are exs for a reason. Why bother going back? I guess the only exception is if one or both people weren't at the place to make a commitment or serious relationship.


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  • get even f*** around teach you a lesson or too. then come back if they want somethin... You musta did somethin super unacceptable.

    • But who knows only you should?