Why did my ex boyfriend text me on the holiday?

I dated my ex for a few months, we broke up on his terms after he lost his job and had a nervous breakdown saying he has his own issues. I suspected he went psycho. He seemed unsure about his decision when we broke up and tried to stay in contact only for big moments in our lives the past 1.5... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • He broke-up after having several other serious things go down in his life. He may be unsure of his feelings for you and, at the least, wants to be friendly or cordial. I wouldn't take this one message as meaning he is ready to see you or get back together, but it is a nice gesture.

    As far as him treating you badly and you retaliating, learn a lesson from this. The old adage, two wrongs don't make a right is so true. I get how hard it is to resist lashing out at someone who is being a jerk, but sadly, it often ends up with you, the victim, looking as bad as the person who started it. In fact, after a few negative exchanges people start to forget who "started" it and it just turns into a nasty mess. If he were to go down that path again, I would cut contact and if he tried to talk to me again, I would start by letting him know that his previous actions were unacceptable and asking for an apology (and in a calm way, not a bitchy way).