Why do guys have sex with their ex after they break up with them?

I met this guy after he broke up with his ex. We were hanging out and he made the first move to kiss me. A month later he got drunk and had sex with his ex. She insisted they were just friends,but called him all the time like he was still hers. He also said they were just friends. I found out some... Show More

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  • It has to be said that this genuinely doesn't go for all guys. Me and my ex-girlfriend are 'friends', but we don't hang out. I don't really hang out with anyone since we split up though. And I'd have sex with her if she was offering, 'cos I still love her madly, and it'd mean I'd get to touch her, you know? But that's my desperate tale, aheh. Clearly not what's going on with him.

    Uh... Well I think you've got it pretty much worked it. I think its a combination of both... And I honestly commend you for staying with him.

    • So you are okay with your ex doing whatever and she has some fight with her boyfriend or wants sex and you'd take her back for the night? Only for her to leave your ass and love another like the first time...wow I don't think I could be that strong to let somebody use me like that. Good for you. <3

    • Heh, sarcasm? I think I'm pathetic for it, forsure. But I would. 'Cos I am that pathetic. But she wouldn't do that anyway.