Why wont he go away?

Ok. first off, I was with my ex for a little over 4 years. we had our problems but he never wanted to brake up, then he decided to brake it off right before my birthday! its been almost 9 months and he still won't leave me alone even though he broke it off. He still calls my house every 4 days or... Show More

Ok. I talked to him calmly, without yelling. I think I made my point. If he doesn't get it after that then this is one stupid guy! I hope it worked.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He sounds unbalanced, and you should be careful. Did you tell him that you wanted him to leave you alone? You need to tell him and make sure he knows you mean it. If you have to let your phone ring and let the answering machine pick up for a while do that- keep yourself busy so that you're not at home if he tries to stop by. Seriously though, if it's getting to the point that you feel like he's harrassing you, you need to let him know that you'll take action if it doesn't stop. Tell him calmly, and point out to him what he's doing.

    No offense, but he sounds terrible! You're better off making sure he knows you want this to stop, if it doesn't, you might have no choice but to actually take action.