Why does my ex's best friend want to date me now...

OK so my ex and I broke up about 2 weeks ago and his bff which whom he talks to pretty much everyday somehow got my number from someone (not the ex) and as soon as he heard me and the ex split he called me and has been wanting to hang out. When I asked him yesterday if he(ex/bff) knew we were texting and talking he replied with "i didn't cause y'all to split up, I had nothing to do with that, so I don't think it matters if we talk" basically I don't think he's told the ex. The ex went back to his ex (lol) they have kids together and just wanted to "try" it out one last time-cool by me- so the ex can't really be mad, right? The ex still asks our friends about me and how I'm doing, tells them to tell me things that we use to say to make me laugh. we had a really good relationship but the kids are very young and were starting to not know who he was and what not. I don't know am I playing with fire or what?

The new guy even asked my ex after the very first time we met IF me and the ex were to break up could he try and date me and the ex said "i man I guess if she wanted to do that we would not be together so I can't tell her what to do anyway"