Why do men cheat when they have a good woman?

I just really want to know why do men cheat when they have a good woman that have there back come home to home cooked meals from scratch basically etc. Then lie when they gone get caught then get a girl pregnant


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  • - Your appearance.

    - Lack of affection.

    - Lack of intimacy.

    - Interest has faded.

    And more to choose from. But, those are usually the typical reasons.

    But, really, those who decide to cheat only get with someone to mainly have the emotional bond with. Regardless of how weak the bond may be. You yourself need to determine whether that actually is the person you want to be with, or not. Don't be afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty. Because that it was will make your ultimate decision for yourself.

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  • Because some people need variety in their life. And they put the satisfying of their own appetites above the emotional well being of their partner.

    You could give them the best steak in the world, and they'll love it.

    But that same steak, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week? After a few months, he'd chew his own arm off for a salad.

  • There's always the chance we meet another good woman! And maybe it's just as much the other woman's fault if she gets pregnant? There's cheating, and then there's falling for another good woman. It happens.

  • Why do men cheat when they have a good woman?

    Why do women cheat when they have a good man?

    Because no single person CAN offer it all,

    >because no person is perfect,

    >because the grass on the other side of the river always seems greener,

    >because eating French cuisine by a chef is delicious but a plain hamburger tastes good too, every once in a while,

    >because driving a Cadillac or a Mercedes or a BMW is excellent but a trip in a Jeep or a run on a motorcycle is exciting, once in a while.

  • I will never ever know why some guys cheat when they have a perfect partner, it really is madness.

  • Opposites do attract..perfect GF/Wife material meets the facade of an ideal guy who would turn out to be a PLAYER/JERK..sorry if a sound a bit pissed..im a decent guy and I have been raise properly I value women my mom and 2 sisters friends..I guess you can't blame it also on us guys..Men would cheat for as long as there is temptation and an opportunity to do so..while women do it only if they are either neglected or abused..well that's how I see it..there should be love and respect but mostly trust!

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  • Unfortunately, not everyone has morals and attitudes about love the same way we do. It happens. But it's time to move on and focus on only one person- you. Embrace life, allow positive people and those who love you into your world and don't let negativity in it.

    "love him for what he has given you, forgive him for what he has not"

  • Because they are selfish & don't appreciate what they have rigth in front of them.

  • fell out of love.

  • loss of interest.

  • Look at the most powerful famous pretty/ attractive celebrities you can think of. There's so many times I'm like this guy had such and such and he cheated on her and she looked like a super model, smart successful everything. You know what's wrong with him he had everything blah blah blah. You know.

    But from my own personal experience its easy. They obviously aren't mature enough or appreciate the one they were with. You can do everything right for the guy your with and he'll still cheat on you. And if he does bye bye see ya

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