What do you do when you feel like you're at the end of your rope?

I don't really want to give everyone my sob story or anything but things are pretty tough for me right now and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. I LOVE helping other people but when it comes to myself I'm totally f***ed up.

So what do you do when you feel like you're at the end of your rope and the world is closing in on you?



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  • I know what you're saying. It's easier to advice others than it is yourself. I give great advice to my friends about love & so on, but I have no luck in that area myself.

    As for being at the end of your rope, I know life get's hard. Sometimes you just want to take a vacation from life & make the rest of the world disappear. What I do at that point is pray, talk to my friends/family, or actually take a vacation. I was stressed out a while ago, & I realized I just needed a couple days off from work to recooperate.

    I could give you better advice if you shared what is actually bothering you. I hope everything turns out alright for you, you seem like a really nice person.

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      Thanks for Best Answer :)

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      It's not a problem at all. I appreciate you taking the time to write such a great answer. Everyone's advice made me smile.