What do you do when you feel like you're at the end of your rope?

I don't really want to give everyone my sob story or anything but things are pretty tough for me right now and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed. I LOVE helping other people but when it comes to myself I'm totally f***ed up.

So what do you do when you feel like you're at the end of your rope and the world is closing in on you?



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  • I know what you're saying. It's easier to advice others than it is yourself. I give great advice to my friends about love & so on, but I have no luck in that area myself.

    As for being at the end of your rope, I know life get's hard. Sometimes you just want to take a vacation from life & make the rest of the world disappear. What I do at that point is pray, talk to my friends/family, or actually take a vacation. I was stressed out a while ago, & I realized I just needed a couple days off from work to recooperate.

    I could give you better advice if you shared what is actually bothering you. I hope everything turns out alright for you, you seem like a really nice person.

    • Thanks for Best Answer :)

    • It's not a problem at all. I appreciate you taking the time to write such a great answer. Everyone's advice made me smile.

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  • I come on here and look at those people who really have worse lives than me. And if that doesn't work I watch a documentary on Africa.

  • My advice from similar experience is try not to think of the past... I've always felt frustrated, I'd went through phases or not being able to date anyone, too many people trying to date me, to other dilemas like seeing girls who had boyfriends. Everytime it didn't work out, I'd keep overthinking it all, saying it must be my fault, I'm the common link. What I should be thinking is what went wrong and how would I stop it? In a lot of the cases I'm not at fault it was my partner and that's why things ended how they did. Already it's too complicated... I try to forget all that, I just try to look forward to whatever may come my way. I find a lot of the time I'm holding myself back, I'm beating myself up and others can see it. Girls do still think I'm sweet and nice so I always have hope, A lot of my issues evolve around relationships, yours may be different, work or education, friends or family. But from what I know about you, you're a really pretty girl, you're smart, insightful and really nice. You have everything you need to progress in your life, try to stick it out.. things can only get better.

  • Whenever I feel that way the feeling usually only lasts for a day. I dwell on it for that day, and then I move on. I know it's probably much harder to do than to just have me say get on with it, and you say sure and everything is fine. But really the longer you dwell on bad things the longer they stay bad. Just think about all the good things in your life and everything you have to be thankful for.

  • I try to find someone for support. Usually a close friend but sometimes a family.

    When my girlfriend broke up with me, I just felt so sad and depressed. And I basically turned to people for help. There is always someone there to listen. If you need someone to talk, you can PM me.

  • It's hard to give advice without knowing what's going on, like the Cat said, but when I'm at the end of my rope I practice trumpet lol or just go to bed, or play video games, whatever I can to basically get away from it for a while...sometimes you just need time for things to settle before you can move forward from what's happened.

    Things can certainly seem bleak, I've definitely been there, but the sun always comes up tomorrow, it always has at least, and tomorrow's another day, another opportunity for something different, something old, something new. Life is worthwhile, and there's always another option to whatever you're facing. Just keep pushing forward.

    There's always more to give and even at the "end of the rope", if you look hard, I think you'll see that the rope continues on for much longer than you're anticipating. You're stronger than you think, you're probably further up the rope than you think, and whatever it is, you can get through it. People are amazingly resilient.

    Good luck with things, you've surely helped a lot of people on this site, I hope the good you've done comes back to you :)

    • Awe thank you. You're very nice. :)

    • lol Don't mention it :p

  • I'm not going to go into my sob story either but everyone needs someone. There was a point in my life when I had some things that I needed to get off my chest. I asked my doctor to refer me to a psychiatrist and I let it all out. It doesn't have to be a psychiatrist but if you feel the walls closing in on you then its good to have someone; Anyone who you can talk to and who will listen. That is the most important thing to me. Just having someone be it friend, family member or acquaintance just as long as they hear you out and offer guidance.

    Take solace in family and friends. Keeping all the rage bottled up isn't healthy and it can have disastrous consequences. If you'd like to talk I am here for you.

    • Thanks a lot for your message. :)

  • I continue life as usual, but my thoughts will be filled with more negativity than usual.


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  • I'm sorry things aren't going so well for you right now : / Whenever I feel like it's all too much I always try to get away from my negative thoughts and feelings. I find that when I'm pessimistic I have a harder time finding solutions to my problems and moving forward. Usually I'll talk to my best friend and hang out, listen to some music I really like, or on occassion I just cry and let those feelings go because I find that really cleansing. After that's done I'm usually able to concentrate on all of the good things in my life and move forward instead of focusing on what's happened in the past. Sometimes the best thing is to just tell yourself that you can't change the past, but you can create your future. It's a good mental reminder that usually results in me getting busy and doing something productive. Always look ahead, and always remember that there are people in this world that really love you, and because of that you're really lucky and special. You seem like a nice person Enchanted, I've noticed that you really try to help people and give them good advice. Don't let the world bog you down :)

    • Thank you heaven. Made me smile. :)

    • I'm glad :)

  • Take time for yourself. Or spend it with people that make you happy. That does the trick with me. :)

  • I throw up and cry! that's pretty cool :D

    Well, it's all about our state of mind. So, here's what I do :

    1- Acknowledge that's my brain isn't functioning properly. It exaggerates the bad things and ignore the good ones. I know it's just a state of mind that will hopefully end soon . I aslo forgive myself (that's very important)

    2- I tell myself..everytime I get into this sad mood...what happens? does life change a bit? does the good turn into bad or vice versa? nothing actually. It's just that we're wasting our energy and time on unjustified negative thoughts that will lead us nowhere.

    3- Keep yourself busy. Tia, you have extra energy that has to be put somewhere. If not, all the creativity you have will go to over-analyzing and over-thinking (we know that). It's good to do different things at the same time too. I get bored easily, so you seem to me :)

    4- Talk to me about it! :D

    Have a wonderful life, Tia..I'm sure you will :)))

  • I know what you mean. I'm in a position right now where things seem so hopeless and I have no idea what to do about them. It seems like just about every aspect of my life right now is sh*tty and there's nothing much that I can do about them.

    But for me, I write everything down on a piece of paper and order them by priority and try to go through my list and narrow it down. And plus it feels good when I find a solution to a problem and am able to cross it off

    • Thanks for your advice. :)