Why does my ex boyfriend act like I don't exist anymore?

We broke up about a year ago. He acts like I don't exist. The only time he talks to me in person is if I say something first. He's always all over this one girl in my class, right in front me. I act like it doesn't bother me, but its really killing me. That girl has a manly face, but a nice ass for a white girl as they say. But anyway what should I do? The only way he talks to me is if he texts me. We haven't talked in a while :(

Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you want to get back with him?

    • Yes, I've wanted to since forever. I mean sure, I tried moving on & dated other people.. but he's the only one my heart keeps calling for. Even though he's an asshole..

    • I like that "he's the only one my heart keeps calling for" but anywheres the reason that he is acting that way is because he is trying to move on. I think you get him but himself and remember about the good times you two had, and hopefully he thinkings about getting back with you, If you don't get him by himself then call him and just talk. Talking is the key.

    • The thing is, it's been over a year since we've broke up. But what do you mean by "I think you get him but himself" oh & yes, recently I told him something like this "I know that were different from each other, but for some reason you are the only guy I keep feeling for" - & he didn't answer.. haha.