Ex emails me after 6 months saying she thinks about me every day, what do I do?

I dated a girl for just under a year. It was a long distance relationship and we only saw each other every other weekend. Still the relationship seemed to do really well and we communicated with each other every day. About 6 months in I realized how much I loved this girl and really wanted to move... Show More

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  • Well, she's obviously thinking about you. She's probably going through highs and lows, having doubts, wishing you were still together... but then she probably realizes things would never be the same. As much as she might love you and want to be with you, she realizes that now she's going to be paranoid about you cheating again, she'll be insecure all the time... it'll just end up in her not being able to trust you, which is an obvious problem. As much as she may love you, she doesn't want to get hurt again.

    It could be a mix of things, really. You could just leave it alone, or you could persist. It depends on whether you're willing to try it again and accept the consequences of that. Trying it again would mean chasing her down like a madman, convincing her the relationship is worth having again, and then be willing to put up with the possible strains it could have on your relationship. It's a long distance, so you better believe she'll be skeptical, insecure, and unable to fully trust you. Especially at first.

    But if you do choose to try it again, and you accept the situation you'd put yourself in, in the process of convincing her you're going to know when to stop. Maybe she wants to be with you, but won't ever let herself no matter how much you convince her. If she repeatedly says "no" after you explain you're willing to make things better, and willing to put up with the possible trust issues at first and she still says no, just be honest with her and let her go. Let her know you're still open to the idea, really want to be with her but understand if she's not ready or doesn't want to. Just let her know she can contact you at any time about it, and leave it at that.

    You just have to accept that there might be a chain on that door.