Ex keeps bugging me, what does he want!?!?

He dumped me and now he's trying to talk to me again. He keeps trying to talk to me, or asks me to call, or wants to talk later but never really has anything to say when we get in touch! This has been going on for 2 weeks all through text... what is his deal? He's asked me to call or text and half the time I hardly even text, no calls. He's always apologizing, asking about my plans/job/day, saying how great I am... but just realized we really don't talk about anything of worth. Contemplating asking him what his intentions are since it's annoying!

Most Helpful Girl

  • He's sending mixed signals. I was in the same situation. I discussed with my ex that I just wasn't ready to have any kind of relationship with him such as partners or friends, If he wanted me in his life it would be on my own terms when I felt ready honestly I don't really mind if he's in it or not for the fact that I've adapted to be without him. I mentioned that I felt as if we were wasting eachothers time I wanted to move on in good terms he should take are relationship as I did and grow from the experience. Make it positive no resentment on either part. I think that you should move on. Sounds like he's just bored and wants to talk since he doesn't make any effort in communication remember to be able to maintain a healthy,fun,loving,and enjoyable relationship you must obtain good communication skills. If you happen to feel oppisite of that just tell him that you want to see if you guys can work it out either way your not a child so there for he should be able to openly express himself. Goodluck.

    • He is a bit of a child so it'll be hard talking like that. I guess I'm afraid to completely lose him forever so I haven't had that convo. I've been trying to feel it out but it doesn't make sense. It's like a poor attempt at being friends while trying to reconcile and date again. Maybe he's just keeping tabs on me becaue he's lonely and wants to know I'm the same way...

    • You should never feel as if you would lose him. That's not right, you can be his friend but just let him know that and never tell him anything negative about your life. Believe me that's when your showing vulnerability.