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Why does my ex want to be friends SO bad?

My ex broke up with me and is going mad because I said I won't be friends with him, he said he thinks it's ridiculous because he wants to stay in... Show More

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  • He doesn't want to lose your vagina completely. He wants to be able to get sex from you at his convenience.

    • That's definitely incorrect, he isn't that type.

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    • -________- OK but I highly doubt it for some reason. (6th sense, I'm a tarot reader. But only YOU know him so...)

    • I know, thank you for your honest opinion.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Right now he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you but he wants you to be there for him so he will not have to have a drastic change in his life as he heels from the break up. Eventually as he heels the desire to be friends will disappear. And yes, the dumper does suffer from a break up.

  • well that depends, if he is a player then he is keeping you for a rainy day or perhaps he finds one of your friends a potential partner, if not then he probably wants to get back with you. That's what I think.

    • A man who wants to get back with a woman don't go in the friendzone. You should know this better as a man. Once you are in the friend zone you are pretty much gonna be there for a good minute.

    • Mrs Jones - That may be true in some cases but that's not always true. My ex from a few years back broke up with me and asked to be friends and we started dating again 5 months later.

What Girls Said 4

  • I mean it doesn't hurt to be friends, JUST FRIENDS, with your ex. its ohkay. just because you guys broke up doesn't mean the whole entire world is ending. but being friends, is ohkay :)

  • she wants to feel wanted and special so you should be friends with her

  • well if he thinks he was wrong and wants you back he would have said it openly so I think she just wants the open way to something further than friendship.guys do NOT want to be frends with their ex gf's after they broke up, so it seemes he's trying to het you back as a fun buddy or something...

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