Keeping tabs on your ex (females)?

OK its been a month since me and my ex broke up do to her personal issues going on. She said she need some ALONE time because she is really stressed she do have some major issues but the last few days she been checking up on me like every other day (2-3 at the most) she will call or text me asking how I'm doing some days I ignore her but sometime I text her back because I love her so much..Its like she sending me mix signals but when we text or talk there really quick conversations? Females why is she doing this..Playing games/ is she missing me but holding it in/ or what?


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  • I don't think anyone intentionally plays games with people, we just have two different parts of our head telling us to do two different things. One part is telling her to call you and missing you, and the other part is reminding her of why you broke up and telling her to stop contacting you for the sake of making it easier. Sometimes she will give in to the tempation of hearing your voice, so she calls you, she is probably proud and won't admit the real reason she calls you (because she misses you) and uses some lame excuse, and then to make it seem like she isn't undermining her own decision of breaking up, she will probably try and distance herself from you again. I think she still has feeling for you, but is just too confused to settle on one decision, because she doesn't know which part of her head to listen to. Their is clearly something going on with her that is causing her a lot of confusion and indecision, try and find out what it is, and if its fixable. I think deep down she does love you, but right now something is convincing her that you are not the best thing for her right now. Figure out what and maybe you have a chance at slavaging what you guys have. But with that said, don't hurt yourself in the process, if your attempts to work things out don't really go to plan, no when to give up and cut your losses, because someone who loves you won't stand being away from you for long if they no it doesn't have to be that way. Good luck.

    • do you think I should tell her either to make up her mind or stop contacting me

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  • Based on my last... er.. relationship? When we went through a 'no-talking' time period, I would try so hard not to message him, but in the end did because I missed him so much, and would constantly be thinking "ohh.. soandso would like this.. :(" eventually, I couldn't take it anymore, and gave in, despite it hurting him (to move on) and also hurting myself (feeling desperate, and out of control).

    Even though you're hurting from her contacting you, I can almost guarantee that she also is hurting and knows that she is being selfish by talking to you, even though it was her decision to not talk to you.

    It sounds to me like she isn't ready for a relationship, but is trying to keep you as an option when she is ready, because she does care about you. You could cut off contact from her, but will only drive you both farther apart, because time is the biggest killer of relationships. Or you could carry on somewhat of a friendship while she figures herself out. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go, and remember that there are plenty of people out there who you can love just as much as her.

  • When she texts you next or calls you, maybe bring up something that reminded you of her, like a good memory you had together, see if she reacts to it or just puts it of awkwardly... If she does still like you I'm sure she will say how it was fun and how she misses it or something in that manner. If she just goes " oh yeah, that was fun..." and that's the end of talking about the memory, she might not really be into getting back together.


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  • She might be wanting you to make a move and try to work it out..see what will happen if you do that..or she might just want to make sure you are ok..only way to know is to ask her