Guys: thoughts after a break up?

do guys think about the girl at all and their memories or do they just say f*** it and find a new girl?Just give me your thoughts about break ups afterward. high school break ups? college? Please answer this and thankss!(:


Most Helpful Guy

  • depends on who did the dumping? If a guy does the dumping then yes they do think about you girls but not as much. And if a girl does the dumping that's a whole nother story. We think about the girl for months on. And whenever you try to move on you drive by a place where you have a memory with her. maybe your first kiss togethor or your first time you guys did it. I know I still do and it usually when I get out of work out of a hard days work. You go home feeling tired and knowing that there isn't anyone waiting for you to help you feel better that's when I was most vulnerable of remembering things.