Guys: thoughts after a break up?

do guys think about the girl at all and their memories or do they just say f*** it and find a new girl?Just give me your thoughts about break ups afterward. high school break ups? college? Please answer this and thankss!(:


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  • depends on who did the dumping? If a guy does the dumping then yes they do think about you girls but not as much. And if a girl does the dumping that's a whole nother story. We think about the girl for months on. And whenever you try to move on you drive by a place where you have a memory with her. maybe your first kiss togethor or your first time you guys did it. I know I still do and it usually when I get out of work out of a hard days work. You go home feeling tired and knowing that there isn't anyone waiting for you to help you feel better that's when I was most vulnerable of remembering things.


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  • There is no sense on putting life on hold for someone that didn't love or care about me anymore and didn't appreciate my worth. So I don't waste my precious time thinking about them, comparing them to other girls, or even chasing them. I move on, move forward, keep my head up, find someone else and never speak to exes again. It's called self respect and self esteem for a reason.

  • Once I break up with a girl I don't think about her anymore.

    • I agree with bioweapon154. It all depends on how strong the feelings we had for them were/are. The more we cared for you, the more we think about it. It seems ItalianBro here has never loved and lost. Lucky you man lol

    • I would have to agree, I have never lost someone I loved. I have not loved anyone yet.

  • It depends on the guy and if he really had feelings and cared about you. I know in my last relationship there were night where I would cry myself to sleep because I know that it was finally over between us.

    I know I'm not a normal guy but there are other guys out there just like me who would take a break up just as hard a an girl would do.

  • Depends on the girl. Nothing if she was a bitch or I never cared for her. No thoughts after the fact.

    Nightmares and loss of bodily control when it is a girl you cared about. Lots of revisiting old memories. Again, it all depends.

  • it definitely depends on the relation

    how strong and true was their relation

    moreover on the girl too

    generally guys doesn't want to break the relation

    guys will think of the girl after their break up

  • she dumped me, and all I can think about is her being with anothe guy, and laughing about me, and the other guy moving in on my girl making her happy and erasing all the momories she ever had for me. and her forgetting about me. but I guess if the guy dumped the girl, it would be opposite, but I never dump anyone. so I don't know what I would feel

  • I lost my sleep and didn't eat food after I came to know she didn't like me :(


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