Text message on Valentine's day from the ex?

So I haven’t spoke to my ex in over a year (after three years together and he told me he didn’t want to be with me anymore) and he did send me an... Show More

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  • I mean it could be:

    a) he really wanted to be nice, thought of you and sent a text. ain't nothing crazy. You were nice enough to say something back, which is cool.

    b) he wanted to see if he can get some vday action (sex) but you werent with it.

    but your friends are some lonely females who believe that an ex is an ex and should never ever ever ever ever talked to. WHY NOT. you were with this guy for 3 years, no matter how it ended, he sent you a text, it ain't that serious, you did the right thing, didn't get deep about it, said happy vday to you too, bye. case closed.

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    • lol, yes, they are females but they are not lonely. I think its a pride thing.

      Thank you for your comment :)