Girls: Have you missed an ex after dumping him and getting another boyfriend?

Guys can answer too, but my question is whether there are any girls out there who have dumped a guy (for being clingy/needy or any reason) {not cheating or anything bad}. Then gotten a new boy friend. Despite being in a relationship with the new guy, 1) have you missed your ex a lot? and 2) gone back to the ex

3) if you missed him what did you do (say he refuses friendship stays NC, but you see him around town couple times a month or so)

4) if you did get back together how did it happen..what did you do...

Thanks a lot..


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  • ...(continued from below) which was "is there any point in trying to get you back, ie are you going to change your mind"? which at the time was an impossible question to answer and I didn't want to say yes/maybe and keep him hanging on so I said I have to say no because I can't answer so that's why... perhaps if he had things would have been different... Anyway, nothing really happened, I think he had his guard up from then, I tried to arrange get togethers but there was always excuses... then it kinda fizzled but I suggested spending Christmas together so we werent alone which we did... then Valentine's came and I sent him a card and received nothing... I don't really know what I expected after the way I just broke up with and left him, it must have been so hard for him, but I so wanted another chance that I had swallowed my pride and done everything I could to prove to him that I was serious about giving it another go but that's when I realized it wasn't happening (this was February 2010) so contact dwindled. I got the odd text from him once asking to pop round but I was going to work so I said no. Then I was out one night in summer and heard from an old work colleague of his (and mine) that he'd been seeing someone for "about a year" I was more angry than upset - not that he was with someone because he had every right to be, just that he couldn't be honest with me, after I had been so honest with him about my 'relationship'. He texted me about a month later saying he really needed company that night, I said I was busy (I wasnt) and I never saw him again until a couple of months after when I agreed to go round and have a catch up with him - id calmed down by then, I didn't want to see him when I was angry. It was only then that I found out that night he wanted to see me was the night before he was going in for a major operation - I felt so terrible, if only I could have turned back the clock. We talked for hours and it was so nice being in each others company - there was definitly still a spark there for both of us. He was saying things to me, nice things but it was hard to work out exactly what he was trying to say, I felt confused but at the same time I felt like I was over it because id spent since february telling myself it was done so when I left I felt like it was some kind of closure. That's the last time I saw him, we've exchanged a few texts about programmes we used to watch etc... Thing is, it's been almost 2 years since I broke up with my ex and for the past 6 months I've been thinking about him more and more to the point now where I think about him every day and the doubt I have about whether I made the right choice grows and grows. I miss him terribly. I've not laughed as much with anyone else as I did with him. Worst thing is not knowing how he feels about me anymore, whether he's with someone new... not sure I want to know. I sent him a birthday present and he thanked me so even after 2 years there's still contact & I still love him.

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      the guy is hurting too. even after this much time has gone by. I can guarantee this. the not knowing how he feels anymore.. its the same for him. he wonders it about you. he doesn't know what's going on in your life. he probably thinks you're laughing and stuff with someone else now. obviously he is upset at what happened and how you did it. he has self respect for not coming after you and begging for a second chance. chances that his "new" girl friend and him have a better relationship the

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      did he start dating someone else soon after you broke up?

      The reason I ask is because my ex is. And its been about 3 months wince we broke up. 1.5 of which is NC (latter half) initially tried to stay friends. Most of what I've read says do not chase her. But a part of me is wondering whether she wants me to or not. And if so, whether I should pursue her, tell her how I feel. I'm just a bit confused.

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      So I just have a few questions:

      How did the ex "creep back in"?

      What ultimately ended up happening?

      Why did you lose the new feelings for the new guy and want your ex back?

      I think my ex is going through the same thing you went through. I would love to hear your insight.