My boyfriend keeps going back and forth between me and his ex? what to do?

me and my boyfriend have been off and on for almost about a year now...we break up, he goes back to his ex, they break up we get back together, it's a never ending cycle...he still talks to her though...I'm really just getting tired of playing these games? why does he keep going back and forth and what should I do?

Most Helpful Guy

  • did you know about the ex when you first met him?...he's going back and forth between the two of you because of the stability that he gets from it...the only way this will stop is if one of you eventually becomes the one in the end or just be SOL because someone else more stable comes into the picture

    • well I knew he dated her, but it wasn't like it lasted long..and when I was ready to call it quits he's like lets move in we did...but even living together he still goes back and forth... its been ongoing for like almost a year you think he really cares/loves me or is it just a sick game?

    • it's a sick know what you need to do next