Why do you guys take forever to text a girl back?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could help me out. During the march break I went on a school trip to the U.S. An older guy in my school ended up giving me his number when we were talking to each other on the last day. He didn't have my number so I texted him. We ended up texted from around... Show More

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  • If we reply back right away, you lose interest. You may not think so, but it's true. Also we're not always attached to our phone.

    • Seriously? I didn't know that I thought it was usually the other way around since the girl gets to talk to him. But yeah as I mentioned in the other comments bellow..I really have no idea if he ignored the text, didn't see it, or didn't even recieve it for all I know because my cells acting up..I don't wanna sound desperate or dumb if I text hom asking if he got my message from sunday.

    • yeah don't text him if he got the message unless is was REALLY important. If you want just act like it never happened and text him again sometime. When you mention the texts he didn't respond to, he might get irritated.

      Personally, I wouldn't get annoyed lol

    • I'm not really sure if I'm gonna text him again..I randomly checked his facebook last night and wrote a dumb status last night about loving how he texts some girl with a heart at the end. Some girl commented on it so I realized that he lead me on, eventually ignored me and moved on to flirting witg other girls. Thanks for your feedback though