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My "girlfriend" deleted me from facebook today?

As so I have been with this girl that is 17 for about a month now. We talked for 2 months before we got together. I'm 20. She acts really sketch... Show More

And she hasn't been texting me like she normally does. It takes her like a hour to respond. She normally bugs the sh*t outta me. that started last night. She said she had to pick up her little sister from school because she was sick friday.
Then she deletes me on facebook. Finally my question...Should I text her asking her if he is over at her place? I want to just break it off, but I don't want to look like a pussy. Plus she says she wants to "do it" monday.
But she said the same thing the first time he was at her place. I want to so bad but I'll be damned if I get sloppy seconds from my own damn girlfriend. she is always talking like she wants me in her life. Asking me to go to her grad parties
and graduation. But she does sh*t like this...Should I ask her if her and her ex are still together I've asked this before but she says no. I have no real idea what the f*** is going on. If I break up with her won't it look at over a text and no
concrete reason?

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  • Bro, chill out.You're flipping out over a girl. You could settle your emotions and just trust her. Sure, the Ex is over at her place, but you never know - she may refuse to sleep with him. Be secure with yourself, work on your own things, and let good things happen.Don't be insecure just because an Ex is over. Women pull this sh*t all the time because they need to decide whether to move BACK and tag up with their Exes again, or move on to a new, stellar guy who has more going for him than the Ex.Be optimistic and stay in control of yourself. Letting a girl decide who she wants to be with is a better play than forcing or controlling her to make a decision. Some people move on from their Exes, and some try to make things work out.By the way, she's 6'3" ? Holy sh*t, she's TALL! How long are those legs? lol

    • They go on for miles lol , Yea I was flippin, toked out and chilled out it's all good now lol

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  • Ask her. That's the only way to know. If I was a man and she was acting like that to e I would have asked on when she said her ex boyfriend was coming over. And if your mad you should be, I bet you she would be to. I hate to say it but she might break it off. But I hope notI hope every thing goes well:D

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  • hate to say it but she may still have feelings for her ex. how long were they together and how long has it been since the split? how long were you two together? IMO if the ex is still around the relationship automatically gets a +2 in relationship trust issues. its kinda hard not to wanna check up on yur girlfriend/boyfriend when you know their old fling is hangin out with them. make sure you KNOW yu can trust her and avoid getting deeper

  • just ask her why she did. Maybe she didn't mean to do it

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